The NCC is Nottingham's leading group of BAPRAS consultant cosmetic plastic surgeons. Working out of the leading private hospitals in Nottingham we specialise in helping people to be more confident about themselves, to feel happier about their appearance and not to feel guilty about wanting to make changes to the way they look and feel. For friendly and professional advice simply click here to...

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Cosmetic surgery is often frowned upon as being as unnecessary and a pure act of vanity. It’s true that there are some well documented examples of people, celebrities in particular, who have a rather casual relationship with the cosmetic surgery.

In the real world however cosmetic and plastic surgery isn’t just about changing the way we look, it’s much more about the way we would like to feel and there are a growing number of people whose heart felt aspiration is simply to feel more confident with their appearance, and in themselves, by undergoing a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure.

With botox, dermalfillers, chemical peels and facelifts to help eradicate the wrinkles, to liposuction, tummy tucks, breast enlargement (breast implants), breast reduction, thigh lifts and the removal of excess skin, if you are unhappy with the way you look and your appearance is affecting your self-confidence, there is a range of aesthetic cosmetic surgery procedures available that may be the option for you.

The Nottingham Cosmetic Consortium is a Nottingham based group of leading aesthetic cosmetic plastic surgeons working in the private sector. We work together to expertly deliver a variety of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, for men and for women, and provide seamless care for cosmetic surgery patients in Nottingham hospitals.


Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and You

We have all seen lifestyle programmes such as ‘10 Years Younger’ and, quite clearly, the evidence is that plastic surgery is not for everyone. But rightly or wrongly the way we look on the outside really does make a huge difference to the way we feel on the inside.

Many people, both men and women, come to The Nottingham Cosmetic Consortium for cosmetic surgery consultations and often they experience a pang of guilt or acute embarrassment, or somehow feel that they are being vain and selfish for consulting with a cosmetic plastic surgeon about even the most minor of cosmetic surgery procedures.

The truth is that if it is important to you and you honestly feel that cosmetic surgery will make a big difference to your life, it is no different to anything else you might spend your money on for your personal pleasure and satisfaction. What’s more it is certainly nothing to feel bad about!


Nottingham Cosmetic Consortium

The big difference is that, unlike retail therapy, with cosmetic surgery every patient has different reasons for and requirements from their chosen procedure. At this point it’s important to understand that there are never any guarantees of exact results or of total safety. With this in mind, and before you undertake to have a cosmetic surgery procedure of any kind, you not only need to understand the benefits but also to be sure that you accept there is always a small but very real risk associated with your surgery.

At The Nottingham Cosmetic Consortium we believe that you should receive proper protection from the kind of cosmetic plastic surgery disasters that we’ve all read about or have seen documented on TV. Rest assured that your health and safety is our first priority. As NHS Consultant plastic surgeons we are responsible for the care of some of the sickest patients in the hospital. As such we are expert at identifying and avoiding potential problems with operations and, in the unlikely event there is a problem with a procedure or during the healing and recuperation process, you can be confi dent we have the knowledge, training and experience to deal with it.

There are other similar groups in existence in other parts of the UK but The NCC defi nes a new way of delivering care to plastic surgery patients in and around Nottingham.

The main advantages of the consortium are two fold. For our Consultant plastic surgeons it means that they can be more confident of delivering continuity of care and can work together as a team when required. From a cosmetic surgery patient perspective they can be safe in the knowledge that they will have a fully accredited NHS Consultant plastic surgeon caring for them from their initial consultation to their final discharge at the end of their treatment.

If you’d like more information about The Nottingham Cosmetic Consortium or if you’d like to discuss any of our cosmetic plastic surgery procedures and treatments, please feel free to explore our website, fill out the enquiry form, or call speak to a Consultant on 0115 899 0411.


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